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Hi, I'm pregnant and I'm feeling really sad, scared and moody. What do I do?

It’s completely normal to have these feelings! It’s the unknown, the thought of losing your life as you know it and the pressure of bringing a little person into the world.

I was in denial about my pregnancy. I hated being pregnant whilst I was pregnant and towards the end I was so uncomfortable. I was short tempered and cranky. I had feelings of ‘what have we done’ or ‘I’m not ready’ and ‘I don’t want the baby’. I hated people commenting on my bump. When my waters broke, I burst into tears. I was terrified about the birth and the actual having a baby in my life. I was the least maternal person in the world and my biggest fear was not loving the baby when it was born or bonding.

I had a straightforward quick birth, and the hospital were so lovely. The minute that baby is in your arms you forget everything! It’s like someone flicks a switch.

My little boy is 12 weeks old now and I couldn’t imagine life without him now. It’s a game of trial and error. We are winging it, carrying on doing what we usually do and baby fits in with that.

The key thing I’ve learnt is if you’re calm the baby is calm. They pick up on stress.

Just do you, don’t listen to anyone else and you’ll smash it.