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Hello knowledgeable people… I am 37 weeks pregnant with symphysis diastasis and a transverse baby. The likelihood of C-section is increasing by the day. This is my first child.

I fear the recovery of the C-section (pain, duration, scar, prolonged immobility) more than I fear a natural vaginal birth. If you had a C-section, how long after could you be on your feet? And take the stairs? Or go for a 10 min walk? Will I be able to carry my baby during the recovery? What was the pain like (0-10)?

I appreciated that everyone’s experience is different, but I’m really keen to hear that of others.

Thank you!

I also had an unexpected C-section due to a transverse baby!

I was on my feet the following day (my son was born at 4pm). I could take the stairs as soon as I was home (two days after). I could do a 10 minute walk probably four days after. You’ll be able to carry your baby but nothing heavier. It’s frustrating but important to follow the advice so you heal well!

Pain wise maybe five out of 10 maximum but it gets a lot easier very quickly.

My top tips:

- Big pants and loose trousers to prevent rubbing on your incision.

- In the early days roll onto your side to sit up and get out of bed.

- Accept all offers of help!

Hope it all goes well for you!


Hi, the first couple days the pain can be about a six to eight out of 10. It took me a week to get back on my feet. I learnt to walk around for 10 minutes each hour to help with recovery. You will be able to carry your baby and nothing else. I had an emergency C-section in March, which was my first child as well and it was okay. Taking a walk around the block in week two is good. Where I went wrong was not moving around enough. The scar heals up as well and after time will not be noticeable.