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Hi, just wondering what I should do and if this is normal. I was six weeks postpartum when I stopped bleeding. I stopped for two days and then started again. It started off really dark like a browny black and changed to bright red by the evening. I’ve been bleeding for four days now and it’s bright red and has got a lot heavier today.

I’m feeling weak and dizzy I honestly don’t know how I have any blood left I’ve been bleeding that long coming up to seven weeks now with only that two days break.

Is it possible that this is my first period since baby even though I only had a two day break and I am exclusively breastfeeding? Is this normal or shall I make an appointment at my GP?

Hi! Poor you this sounds awful. It can be common to bleed for up to six weeks but it usually stops and doesn’t come back again.

I think you need to get seen by the local medical team as soon as possible. Can you get someone to take you to the emergency department? The doctors will be able to take a more in-depth look and if necessary can do a scan etc there.

I hope this helps and you feel better soon.

Pregnant mum of 2