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I was wondering if you have any recommendations for always feeling nauseous during pregnancy? Nothing really works. I find it does get easier when I settle into bed. Some days are fine, but other are not. Water helps a bit.

Hi, sorry to hear that you’re feeling nauseous. What have you found that works so far?

You could try:

- Eating little and often

- Making the most of plain carbs in the morning

- If you can stomach ginger, it’s worth a try (but doesn’t work for everyone)

- Staying hydrated

My personal experience was that cold water, with ice, was best, as I was really hot as well. Also try to allow extra time to do things and not rush. A handheld fan was also useful when feeling really bad. Try to avoid any strong smells or tastes - I got my partner to do most of the cooking. I found mint really helped too.

Hope this gives you a few ideas to try!

Katie, Tinto Expert