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My little girl is 11 months old and I’m struggling to get her to eat foods that aren't mashed up. I usually give her a jar for dinner but it’s not filling her enough so I've started giving her chips, fish fingers, sausages, etc. for dinner too. But she doesn't eat much of it and most of it ends up on the floor. Then she's getting up at the same time every night wanting a bottle as she's hungry. She’s also milk intolerant so I'm limited in what I can give her. Has anyone else experienced this and know what I can do as she should be able to eat proper food now but just refuses!

Hi! That’s great you are giving mashed up and finger food. I would just keep going with it. So if you give mashed potato/carrot or whatever it is, give her some fingers of potato/carrot to hold too. It takes time and maybe she just has preference for soft foods but I would keep offering the finger foods alongside and she will eventually find some things she likes. Slowly, over time, you could mash/mince it less. You could sit and eat the same in front of her. So you are role modelling how to eat it, e.g. over-emphasising the chewing and biting!

Pregnant mum of 3

I would say if she's eating mashed food offer a finger food along side it and eventually she will start taking part and eating it.

My little girl was fussy about texture of food at that age. Lunch was always mashed at daycare so she wouldn't be interested in much else that wasn't mashed.

Sweet potato wedges roasted in oven with a sprinkle of paprika were a hit and bits of sweet corn always went down a treat. Cucumber too! Keep offering.

Offer a safe food (that baby will eat) with a finger food and then try and sit with baby and eat what baby is eating. Taking turns and sharing bites can be fun too or making sounds when eating to make it more fun. Like, 'mmm, cucumber. Chomp chomp chomp. And then eat some. Just try to make it a bit fun!