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My daughter is nearly two and over the past few weeks is waking up in the night crying. I think she’s been having nightmares. Is this normal at her age?

Hi, nightmares and night terrors can start from about two. My little boy went through this for a couple of months and then when he was about three, he would get them occasionally when he was over tired. He has grown out of it now and sleeps through the night.

It’s so upsetting seeing them so distressed and frightened. Most likely she will not remember it the next day. You can read on the NHS website about night terrors. My little boy did have these, and I would just sit with him, until it passed. They do say not to wake them unless they are not safe. I used to hear him and run up the stairs so quickly, just to make sure he was safe and it only lasted a couple of minutes.

I used to sit with my little boy and not touch him and quietly and gently say, ‘mummy is here, you are safe, let’s go to sleep.’ He would then just lay down as if nothing had happened and go back to sleep.

Hope this helps!

Pregnant mum of 3