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Dummy or no dummy? My baby is now two and a half months old and I still haven't given him a pacifier. I keep getting asked by well meaning family members when I'm going to give him a bib, and why haven't I?

I don't feel like he needs one - I have other ways of soothing him and he is also getting quite good at self soothing. But I've never met a baby who didn't have a bib! Are there others out there not using pacifiers? And is it really strange that my baby doesn't have one?

I really feel it is personal preference. I have three children and not one of them had a dummy. I have friends that have used and friends that have not.

I think some babies are better at self soothing than others, whereas some need that extra help and comfort. I’d go with your instincts and don’t feel pressured to give a dummy if you do not want to.

With regards to a bib, mine is seven months and wears a bib occasionally, but only really just started wearing one. Some drool more than others, I think. A lot of my friends' babies wear dribble bibs. I think my little girl drools more when she is teething so I put her in bibs then. And when she is snotty I put her in bibs too! Some babies are more sicky and may need them for that reason.

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Some babies just don’t need them. It’s not a bad thing, don’t compare your child to others - do what you want to do.