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My partner and I split up and now he’s saying he doesn’t want the baby, and that he’s not going to look after a child he doesn’t want. Is there any legal way to make him financially support us?

I'm sorry, sweetheart. Child maintenance is there to help! Once baby is born give them a ring (ASAP because the dad has to start paying from whenever you make your claim, rather than from when baby is born) and they'll sort it all out. He might demand a DNA test, which you won't have to arrange - it gets sent to your doctor's and done there. Then he has to pay! If a DNA test is done (which proves without doubt that he's the dad) and he STILL doesn't pay, then you can take him to court.

I've been a single mama since early in my pregnancy, and I bloody love it! It does get hard sometimes, but my daughter makes it worth it. So don't let anyone make you think that you can't go it alone!

Mum of 1