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Pregnant mum

How do I avoid nipple pain? It seems like my baby has a good latch, but feeding still hurts.

I’ve had the same problem since my baby was born. He is now almost seven weeks and it’s still a bit uncomfortable but is better than it was. I just had to find ways to deal with it: cold and hot compresses and nipple creams helped. If the pain is unbearable you can purchase nipple guards/shields. You put them on your nipples while feeding and the baby sucks on them rather than your breast and it eases the pain a bit.

Pregnant mum of 3

Oh you poor thing, I am so sorry to hear you are in pain.

Firstly, I highly recommend speaking to the breastfeeding specialist on here for feeding tips and positions! Drop her a little message and she will be able to support you.

I would get your local breastfeeding specialist to come and check latch etc. too. They are all so helpful and can give you reassurance and maybe even check for tongue tie if the latch is ok. It's so important to get it all sorted early before you get any nipple trauma.

Are you rubbing lots of lanolin on? It’s like having chapped lips, you have to keep reapplying and keep your nipples moist.

I had a lot of pain initially with feeding all of my babies. I did get really sore nipples and was given some jelonet strips from my breastfeeding specialist! It really helped the healing! With my third baby (now seven months) I used reusable breast pads too, which helped keep the area moist.