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My four and a half month old is so grumpy! It’s like I can’t fill him enough. I’m not sure if it’s because he needs to poop. He’s been exclusively breastfed since birth. Since he was three months old, he has only been pooping every seven to 10 days. I checked with GP who said it is fine. He has really stinky farts but other than that he's not straining. Would you give some formula to help?

Hello! I can give you few tips I did while my baby girl was struggling with wind.

Massage the belly. After bath with baby oil, I used the one with lavender. It’s so calming before bedtime. I used to calmly do round movements and she would burp or fart. But you could’ve seen the relief!

As your baby is breastfeed there is no need to worry that you feed too little. Your baby will move away from you boob when they feel satisfied. Their stomach is very tiny. So he will eat differently on different days.

You could try to eat light things yourself. No fast food or oily things. Just for couple of weeks to see if that could help.

You can try Infocol too. It’s for colic but I used it for my little one when she couldn’t burp out properly and it was helping a lot. Gripe water can work too.

Pooping will not be very regulated till solids. So do not worry except if you feel the belly is very hard for a long period of time or the poop is a different colour. In that case, reach out to ask GP for an advice to ease your mind.

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