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My baby is over six weeks old and I want to start expressing milk so that my partner can start feeding him sometimes and so I could have a bit more freedom going out without worrying about breastfeeding in public. I’m not sure how to go about starting.

I don’t want to express if my breast will then be empty for when baby wants a feed, and if I give him the bottle I just expressed then there wouldn’t be much point in expressing it in the first place.

Your body will naturally get into a pattern of feeding on demand, so the more you express or feed, the more you produce. I used to feed then express in the morning about an hour after a feed. If you do it regularly the milk most likely will come. Your body will begin to think it's a feeding time. Also have you heard of the Haakaa breast pump? You attach it to one breast as you are feeding from the other. The feed stimulates both so I'd keep filling up a bottle for the fridge throughout the day that way too.

Mum of 1
Mum of 1

It's ok, that's why we've got two boobs! Pump one, then feed him on the other. Switch it about, that'll help increase your supply. If you do end up having a massive supply, you can freeze it or even donate it!