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I’ve exclusively breast fed my little one for five months now. I’ve tried the odd bottle of formula to give myself a break as I struggle to pump lots of milk. Every time he has had formula he’s been poorly with a rash on his face and projectile vomiting. The last time I gave it to him he was nine weeks old. I’ve been advised to start purée and baby rice/porridge with him as he is slow to gain weight. This afternoon I tried Cow and Gate baby porridge - he initially had a rash, which went after a bath. Now he’s vomiting lots, has little appetite and is sleepy (however he would be anyway at this time). Would this suggest a cow's milk allergy? I don’t have much myself, very rarely with cereal as it gives me a bit of tummy ache afterwards. I’ve not noticed a difference of me having cows milk.

Hope you can help! Thank you.

Thanks for messaging. Given that he’s had that reaction every time you’ve given formula, it would suggest that a cow's milk allergy is worth investigating. It’s a little harder when breastfeeding as they may not be exposed to as much, and so the reactions aren’t always apparent. But those symptoms do sound quite typical.

To go to the health visiotr and GP for proper testing, you would need to take some evidence of what you gave and when and when the reactions were spotted with pictures if you can.

They should ask you to avoid all cow's milk in your own diet, and in baby's diet, for a few weeks, then reintroduce cows milk in some form, so that you can see if the reaction takes place again. That’s the only way to properly diagnose.

Katie, Tinto Expert