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Mum of 1

Our son has never been a big feeder (takes what he needs, which is fine as he’s always hydrated and every baby is different). We’ve been trying faster flow teats during the day but when I use them at night he coughs and splutters as if it’s too fast, but a slower flow he’ll fall asleep on.

Has anyone had a similar experience and got any suggestions? We’re using the MAM bottles and he’s 16 weeks for reference. Again I know if he wanted more formula I would absolutely know all about it but just in case there’s anyway to use the faster flow all the time without issue.

Hi! So I had the same problem with my little girl. I now use Nanobebe bottles with size one teat. Because the bottle is soft and flexible I am able to control the flow of milk by gently squeezing when she’s got a good rhythm going! It’s been an absolute godsend and I will never go back to a normal bottle again!