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Pregnant mum

I had my baby girl almost 10 weeks ago now. I had a KIWI birth and I had stitches. Everything healed up well and quickly. The past couple of weeks my partner and I have tried having sex, but every time we’ve tried it’s been very sore and painful for me - almost like everything has closed up. It’s affecting our relationship and is becoming a struggle for my partner. I haven’t spoken to my GP yet as I wanted to know if anyone had been through the same thing. I can’t help but feel guilty and the physical side of our relationship is crumbling. Even kisses and cuddles are rare as my partner will want more but doesn’t want me to be in pain. Any suggestions or advice?

Same here! Although my partner isn’t demanding at all and tried to be understanding, I just knew he was disappointed when I 'wasn’t in the mood' (or just couldn’t because it hurt) and I always felt so guilty. It was the same feeling that you’re describing, I don’t know if that’s physical or if I just wasn’t ready yet?!

But giving birth is NOT something we should underestimate and neither should our partners. I wish I wouldn’t have had to feel guilty all the time and just took the time I needed. Maybe if you do go to your GP, your partner could come with you so he hears it from a professional and therefore understands you a bit more.

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