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I'm thinking about decorating my little one's nursery following Montessori principles. If anyone has any experience or ideas I would love to hear them.

I would love to help. I am Montessori trained and am very passionate about the Montessori philosophy.

So, for setting up for age three to six months, baby is developing language, movement, hand eye coordination and hearing. You can create a little space for him with a play mat and a low mirror on the wall. One little low shelf or at this age a little basket with a few toys and materials to support his development.

As he grows, you want him to be able to crawl and access and choose his toys independently. At this age you can help him. Always putting the toys back where you found them. A little low book shelf. Everything should be child height, so he can see. Everything that is accessible should be safe too! So you are creating a safe and welcoming environment for him.

Movement is really important at this age. So prepare a little space where he can move and explore freely in his mat! You can get a little play gym.

Other toys you can get for him are a wooden rattle with bell and a teething ball/toy. You can get like simple wooden rings/like napkin rings to encourage him to grasp too.

Hope this gives you an idea of where to start!

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