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My three week old is suffering with trapped wind. We have changed her bottles and she seems to be doing a lot better but she cries and screams at least once a day straining to push the wind out. We have tried Infacol but that seems to make her bring her milk up. Anyone have any suggestions?

Trapped wind can be so uncomfortable for an adult let alone a poor baby! Here are a few things you could try.

1. Skin to skin contact is great for calming little ones down. Try getting her nice and relaxed and she may pass wind.

2. Laying her on her back and cycling legs can also help with trapped wind. You may see her do this herself but you can give her a hand.

3. Nice warm baths also help relieve the pain.

Sometimes Infacol can make tummy ache worse for little ones, so make sure you have a chat to you GP about any medication for little ones.