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At what age do babies start to roll?

Some babies can start to roll from about four months. But mine didn’t roll until six months! They all roll at different ages.

Pregnant mum of 3

It will vary depending on the baby, as with all skills some are more keen to try it soon and others take longer. Between six and seven months, most will be trying to roll over at least to one side, but some will try it earlier or later than that. There are even babies that don't roll at all and move on to another motor skill straight away like sitting or standing.

I think it's usually at about four months. My daughter did it once about five months but didn't really like it, (and is quite lazy!) so she didn't do it much again until she was crawling at one year. She's now walking and there were no concerns from our health visitor at the two year check. I think they're all very different.

Pregnant mum of 1