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I am in my last two weeks of pregnancy and currently moving into my first home with my partner. I am tired and the sickness has started! I feel miserable and just want to be relaxing and enjoying the last two weeks, but I’m worried I’m going to resent the baby when it comes. I feel extremely unprepared!

I know exactly how you feel, I was the same with my second child. You may think you are unprepared but you are as prepared as you need to be. Try and think positive thoughts, and think more about the little human that is going to be with you soon.

Mum of 4

You sound just like me at that point!!

We had a stressful time and two or three weeks before baby was due the people we were buying from pulled out, so cue the mad panic to find another house! The stress I think is what contributed to my little man arriving early!

I shut my laptop for the last time at work thinking I had two weeks of just me before baby arrived, and bam my waters broke at 5.20pm that day! I hadn’t packed a bag, the car seat was in the box - it was a nightmare. I sat in the downstairs loo at my mum's crying because I wasn’t ready for this baby.

Everyone says it, but the minute my son popped out I was in love. I’m the least maternal person - I don’t like kids! - but when it’s your own it’s totally different!

Try not to worry too much and relax as much as you can during this time.

I was also suffering with really bad PGP and a few days before labour I felt sick, had headaches, and was very tired so I’d just make sure you’ve got your bits ready.