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Hi, I’m a new mum of a premature baby, she’s currently 16 weeks (six weeks actual) and I keep having thoughts of her getting poorly and being back in hospital. It’s becoming quite intrusive and starting to effect my mood. I’m feeling low about it now and want to enjoy my time with her but these thoughts just keep coming back that something will go wrong!

Hi, intrusive thoughts are tricky because they are often based on possible scenarios. There are a few things that may help. One may be to have a worry window - 20 minutes during the day set aside to worry so that the rest of the day you push your thoughts away. Another thing that can help is to acknowledge the thoughts but let them go and not converse with them if that makes sense.

If you ever want to talk more about things and how to manage intrusive thoughts I’m here for you.

Jodi, Tinto Expert