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Pregnant mum

I'm 33 weeks pregnant and it's going well! HOWEVER, I. Cannot. Sleep. It’s driving me insane. I have back pain and hip pain, I'm tossing and turning alllll night long, I'm probably awake two times every hour. I have a warm bath or shower before bed every night and have cut out caffeine completely. I've also tried two different pregnancy pillows! And tried a whole different mattress! Any advice?

I had a painful pregnancy too. For me, the only thing that really helped was getting physiotherapy. Depending on where you are you can either self refer or ask your midwife to refer you. I had something called pelvic girdle pain (PGP). I don't know if that's what you have but it is worth giving physiotherapy a try.

The other thing which gave temporary relief was asking my partner to give me a lower back massage. You can lie on your side and then switch sides halfway through. Hope this helps!