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Pregnant mum

Anyone else had mastitis? My right breast is swollen. I think I didn't pump or feed for over six hours... I know it's my fault, but now I have a 39 degree fever. I took ibuprofen and antibiotics. I'm also heating and doing massage too and pumping every three hours. What else I can do? It's the second day. How long does it usually last? I feel terrible.

Hi! Firstly I’m so sorry this sounds really awful for you! I’ve had mastitis before and it was really terrible, it sounds like you’re doing all the right things but your temperature and breast tenderness sounds really bad!

Are you able get milk from the breast? The main thing is to get the milk going again, likely via hand expressing as you probably won’t be able to get a lot from the pump, also feeding from the affected side (if you can tolerate the pain) will probably help to get your milk moving, as it’s usually the blocked duct that causes the issue. Also hot compresses and baths as well.

Have you spoken to a GP? I really think you should speak to an out of hours doctor on 111. They might want to assess you or get you seen, as sometimes you can get quite poorly with mastitis.

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Pregnant mum of 3

Hi, I am so sorry to hear you have mastitis! I had mastitis. It is soooo painful! You need antibiotics, so go and see your GP tomorrow. Do keep feeding on both sides. I know it is sore but if you can bear it. Put hot flannels on before a feed, to help letdown. Keep massaging your boobs! Hot showers! Some people say roll an electric toothbrush on your boob too to get the lumps out.