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My five month old won’t nap at all unless she’s on me through the day, and putting her to bed at night is a real struggle. She’s been fine before - she would always have at least two naps a day in her bed and used to self settle at night. Is this sleep regression? Is there anything I could try to help her nap easier? She’s fine once she’s asleep but it’s getting her to go to sleep without me carrying her all the time to get a nap in which is tricky.

I would work on trying to support a cot settle first at bedtime.

Ideally you will run through your bedtime routine: get her calm in your arms before popping her in her cot. To get her calm you might sing to her, pat her etc.

Once in the cot, see what she does.

You may find she fusses, moves around, has a bit of a natural cry. If the crying escalates and it is very obvious she is not settling, pick her up and use your bedtime cues to get her calm again even if it means reading her a story again.

You can then try and pop her back in her cot once she is calm and see what happens.

The first time you try this you might have to pick her up several times. If it does not seem to be working you can then hold her in your arms, feed her to sleep if you need to, and then try again the next day or in a few days/weeks time.

Once you have supported her to settle in her cot at bedtime, I then suggest you work on supporting a cot settle for her first nap.

Emma, Tinto Expert
Pregnant mum of 3

This must be really exhausting for you. I totally feel for you. My little one does the same at bedtime - she just wants to be on me. Sometimes they do just want comfort, don’t they!

At four to five months they are becoming more aware of their environment. This could be why baby is crying out for you when you leave her in the cot. How long are you leaving her in the cot for before taking her out?

If she used to self soothe and fall asleep in the cot independently, I am sure she will get there again. If you are happy carrying for now then that’s totally fine, just go with your baby’s needs.

However, if you really want her to sleep in cot, just keep persevering. Try to pop her in cot awake if possible, so she will know where she is when she wakes up. I know so much easier said than done !! I still put my baby in cot asleep at bedtime and she wakes up in the night crying for me!