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My five and a half month old has hardly slept this week. He used to sleep for five hours at least and then wake up and go back down. We had a rough week when he was four months for the regression and he’s not been the same since but still good. But for a week now he just won’t go down. Last night he was up every 45 minutes to an hour. I am drained. I’m worried I’m running out of milk or not giving him enough. Just need a light at the end of the tunnel or some advice on to how to get him to sleep easier and down for longer.

Hiya lovely, firstly I think you doing a great job. It cannot but easy when things suddenly change. A few things…

1. You cannot run out of milk. Trust your body in this.

2. If you are in the UK, it’s been really hot and it’s hard to cool rooms down. He may be too hot and it’s waking him up frustrated or dehydrated. Mine will feed up to once an hour in the afternoon if it’s hot.

3. My little one can only sleep one cycle if not burped properly, so this could be an issue.

4. He could be cluster feeding from a growth or development spurt. He may just want to be near you.

5. It could still be the regression.

My little one did this in the week and I was so tired I didn’t know what day it was! That was due to the heat and reflux. I hope this helps hun. We are rooting for you.