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I feel like I'm in 'nap jail' with my four month old. Gone are the days he would fall asleeps effortless in the pram, the car or in my arms. Now he has to nap in his cot, and I feel stuck at home ruled by him needing four naps a day. Of course his needs will always always come before mine, but I'm starting to feel quite tied to home and isolated.

I am sorry to hear you are feeling so isolated. Try and remember he won’t be having four naps for too much longer.

He will start to drop naps and have more awake time. This should give you some more time to get out and about.

By six months he could be on two or three naps and then by the time he gets to 12 months he will be having two. Between 12 and 24 months he should then drop to just one nap.

You're doing so well!

Pregnant mum of 3