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Hi, I hope you are well. I’ve been tracking my weight every week, and this weeks I lost 600g. I'm 24 weeks pregnant. I gained weight quickly after a nauseous first trimester and I was a bit above what it should have been so I decided to eat healthier, which I have been doing. I just stopped with unnecessary carbs basically. Do you think it should be okay? My main aim is to gain slowly and not more than I needed. I was 2kg over what it needed to be three weeks ago, then 900g over and today it’s just 100g over, I’m still in the range. But I wanted to ask if I should be worried or not.

It is really hard for us to know exactly how much weight is ‘right’ amount to gain in pregnancy as much of it depends on your genetic make up and hormones, as well as diet, exercise, stress and sleep.

Rather than looking at the numbers, are you eating regularly and getting the balance of food groups you need?

Even in pregnancy, weight goes up and down, and you absolutely don’t need to worry about it to the level of 100g over a range.

If weighing weekly is causing concern and stress, I would encourage you to do it less frequently, and instead look for other markers to focus on eg are you getting five portions of fruit and vegetables, eating regularly, eating enough fibre and having Omega 3.

Katie, Tinto Expert