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Hi. We are currently having real difficulty with my baby not sleeping anywhere apart from on me. The second she is put down in her crib or moses basket she cries and screams and wont stop until we pick her up again. I have tried putting her down at various stages, e.g. when she is awake, when she is awake but drowsy and when she is fast asleep, but all have the same outcome. She is nearly 11 weeks. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.

Firstly please be reassured that it is very normal for babies to go though periods when they really resist being moved away from their caregivers and these tend to coincide with developmental leaps.

There is also a sensor in their brain that it is set to go off the moment they are moved away from your body. So please do not think your are doing anything wrong because you are not.

A couple of suggestions that might help:

1. Play with her/spend time talking to her in her sleep space. This way she is familiar with it - it feels safe plus if you are playing with her taking to her it - it communicates to her that you approve of it, which is really important.

2. At the moment while she is resisting going into her cot, I suggest you try waiting for 15-20 minutes before transferring her. She is more likely by this stage to be in the deeper stages of sleep from which she will less easily wake.

3. When transferring her into her crib, I suggest you put her down on her to side first before moving her onto her back. She is less less likely to startle with this movement as opposed to be being put down on her back and then lowering her head.

4. The other thing you could try doing is, rather than laying her onto her back, put her into her cot in a seated position let her fall asleep like this and then lower her backwards. This way you are still supporting her as she falls asleep.She will be in a similar position to the one that you wind her in and this can be a great way to support babies to fall asleep in their cribs when they do not like to be laid down on their backs.

I hope that this gives you something to start with!

Emma, Tinto Expert