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Mum of 1

So for the last few weeks we've put our son to bed (he’s 19 weeks) after his last bottle and held him until he’s sound asleep. But easily within 10 minutes he's awake again. I'm not sure why as he doesn’t startle when he’s put down and it happens regardless of whether he was swaddled or with arms out. I feel awful saying this because I love him so much but I just want a little bit of time at night where I’m not holding him!

Sounds like your in the midst of the four month sleep regression! Have a look (if you haven’t already) at the Wonder Weeks app! It’ll tell you when to expect sleep regressions and developmental leaps that may cause sleep problems!

My daughter slept in her crib until four months then would not sleep in a crib or anything! I was never willing to cry it out! We started co-sleeping so I could actually get some sleep and keep my little girl safe!

Trust me it can be so hard with all the regressions and leaps then you have teething and other things impacting sleep. But it will get better! Four month regression was by far the worst for us. My little girl is 11 months old and is transitioning back to her cot in her own bedroom very well! Stay strong momma!