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Hey, I’m going through my first pregnancy at the moment and was just wondering what is a good amount to save during pregnancy for once the baby is born? Just to be more prepared. I’m not sure how much everything will cost monthly post giving birth either. Hope someone can help, thanks.

Making a little list of all the things you need and how much they cost might be helpful. Maybe work out anything that could be gifted/second hand. This will help you feel more prepared. You can ask other mums things they needed and other things that are not needed straight away too. Great idea to work out a budget. If you know what’s coming in and out monthly, this will help too!

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Congratulations! This was something I was stressing about during pregnancy. I basically saved up around £500 just to have as abackup. It took most of my pregnancy to save it. I ended up using it all but not until my daughter was about four months old.