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Mum of 1

My one year old has always just gone into her bed well at night and went to sleep, and during the day for naps she always slept on me. For the past week or so when you put her in her bed and walk away she just screams the place down until you go back in, and during the day she loses it when you try to put her down for a nap... is this normal?

I think this could be a few things, either sleep regression or she is ready to drop a nap during the day, or maybe both. You could try dropping the nap in the day (or just shorten it) and see if that helps in the evening.

It could also be sleep regression, the key to getting through it is to keep it the same as you always have done.

Pregnant mum of 3

Your little girl could be experiencing a bit of separation anxiety. If she is used to sleeping on you, she will be wanting you when she wakes and this could be why she is crying out. It may just take her a little time for her to get used to being on her own and self settling.