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I'm feeling a mix of moods lately - horny and not horny - and I feel like me and my partner don't have enough sex. Does becoming a parent affect anyone else's sex life?

Hormones probably play a part in how you're feeling, but you might want to talk to your partner if you aren't content with the amount of sex you're having. I found that my sex life was negatively impacted until baby's sleep got better, now we are non stop!

Mum of 1

Yes definitely, it’s often the last thing on your mind. You’re constantly busy and tired. And when the child is asleep you’re catching up on life admin/chores. It definitely requires more conscious effort. It causes me a lot of anxiety that I don’t have much of a drive anymore but I think it’s normal from what I hear. Think it’s important to communicate with your partner and be open about it!