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Morning, my baby was adamant he wanted to sleep on his front last night when I put him to bed. He got his arm tucked underneath himself and after some time to see if he could do it, we subtly shifted it out for him and he fell asleep quickly. He then woke up crying around 2am and then around 4am but went back off both times. I know he has been waking in the night for periods anyway, so I'm guessing it's the regression and now he has to get used to settling himself in a new position. Does that sound right? When I put him down for his nap this morning he immediately wanted to roll onto his tummy again.

Hi, a lot babies once they have learnt to roll will gravitate onto their front as it is more comfortable for them. This is why supporting tummy time is so beneficial when it comes to not only proper development but also sleep.

These are both a great resources: @tummytimemethod and https://www.tummytimemethod.com

If you think he is struggling to roll though and continues to get stuck it might be an indication of tension on one side of his body, possibly as a result of his birth and this is where cranial work can be really beneficial. I hope this helps.

Emma, Tinto Expert