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My baby is 12 weeks old and I want to visit my family. It's three hours away by train but I feel so anxious about my baby having a meltdown and disturbing others. Does anyone have any advice, please? Should I wait till she's a bit older? And what should I bring to carry my baby (e.g. baby carrier only or baby carrier and pram)? Where do we sit?

I haven't been on a long journey but I'd say don't worry about disturbing others, just keep baby as comfortable as can be. I usually take my pram as well as the baby carrier as baby can stretch more in the pram rather than in the carrier position for a long period of time. And in terms of sitting, as long as you're not in the quiet carriage no one should be making comments. I hope you have an easy journey!

Mum of 1
Mum of 1

I took my 13 week old on a long trip. I took the pram with the carry cot on it and a baby carrier. I found her being in the carrier on my chest kept her calm and chilled, and when she was happy I put her in the carry cot so she could nap.

Don't worry if she gets a little fussy, she's a baby! The best thing I thought when I took mine out was that she is my bestfriend and my little sidekick and what anyone else thinks doesn't bother me. The more you both get out, the easier it gets as well.

I totally understand your anxieties but I wouldn't worry about disturbing others. Everyone loves little babies and will hopefully only want to help you.

Taking the pram might be useful. You can do nappy changes it in and also let her sleep in it.

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