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How do you give medicine to your child? I need to give my seven month old amoxicillin but he pushes the entire thing out of his mouth. Is there any way to give it without him forcing it out?

Gosh what a pain for you! Have you tried mixing it with yoghurt or something similar? Sometimes hiding it can work, or offer something they really love straight after!

Pregnant mum of 2
Mum of 1

Are you feeding him with a bottle? Using the bottle teat, I put a little milk in one teat and then medicine in another teat, essentially tricking my daughter. Give her the milk teat first, then the medicine one after that. Initially I actually used a little medicine holder that had a teat.

I feel your pain! It is so hard to give babies medicine. I always have to tilt mine back a little and give them a little from the syringe at a time. Have muslin under their chin to catch any dribbles. It's not pleasant but when they cry, it does go down.

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