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Mum of 1

My little one is teething and he is really bad. Every time he tries to eat he just cries. He also doesn't sleep and I honestly just don't know what to do... any advice?

My little one has started teething too so I have a few suggestions but you may have tried them already...

1. Calpol and teething crystals 30 minutes before food should help to numb

2. If he still has milk I would offer extra so he is still getting some nutrition

3. You could offer him hard fruit and veg to chew on to encourage his teeth to come through (e.g. peppers, carrots, cucumber)

4. Have you tried teething rings which go in the fridge?

In regards to sleep, all I can suggest is to get him to sleep in your arms (or however is best for you both), then wait 20 minutes or so until he is in a deep sleep before transferring him. A walk always seems to help with sleep too.

Pregnant mum of 3

Are you using teething rings, giving calpol, etc.? My little one went off food every so often with teeth too, and I found she wanted more comfort from me during these times.

You could try rubbing his gum with 'Ashton and Parsons'. It's a plant-based natural pain relief.

Mum of 1