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My baby boy is six months old and has been on purées for about a month now. As I have a bad relationship with food, I’m really struggling on what solids to start baby on. I keep getting the same suggestions of baby rice, pasta, broccoli and mashed veg. But surely there’s got to be more we can give them?

Where and how do I start? He had his bottom two teeth coming through so he’ll be able to start on more lumpy/textured food. If so… what food?!

Hi, I have two amazing weaning books that have really helped me this time round. How to Wean Your Baby by Charlotte Stirling Reed. And Wean in 15 by Joe Wicks.

My baby is eight months now and I’m offering mashed or puréed food alongside finger food. She loves to feed herself now but she is not getting a lot in. So, I help with spoon feeding some.

My first two weeks I tried a variety of vegetables…





Green beans



Then I introduced a couple of veg at a time. My little one loved the pea, courgette and mint purée! At six months it really is first tastes, have fun seeing your little on pull funny faces. They won’t like everything at first.

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