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Has anyone else experienced a rash on their legs, inner thights, tummy, and breast area during the third trimester? It's driving me mad and is so itchy! I had my bloods done for the liver condition and the result was negative, so what's this rash? I use steroid cream 1% hydrocortisone, a menthol cream to help with itching, and am taking Piriton but no one knows what it is. The GP and midwives keep saying it's allergies or that something bit me or that it's something I ate, but it's spreading much more. On my tummy, I have these tiny red spots that look like blisters but they don't have pus in them... I don't know what to do. I am worried I'll pass it onto my baby... she is moving fine and I am otherwise ok but feeling overwhelmed with this problem. Any suggestions?

I had the same issue in my third trimester and got the same results for the liver condition. What helped me was oatmeal baths - sounds weird, but they worked wonders along with the cream! Popping the cream in the fridge helped a bit too. I also took anti-allergy tablets, and once I had my little girl it went away and I was completely fine. If you are still concerned, I'd push back against the midwives as I found they were quick to dismiss me. I hope it settles down soon, and all the best with your baby.

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