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My little boy has just got his first teeth and he keeps biting me. He doesn't do it to anyone else. Has anyone experienced this?

Biting is very normal, not every child goes through it but many do. It is a phase and they will get through it. If it’s first teeth, he could have more coming through and could have sore gums and just exploring. Ouch… sore for you!

When they get older, sometimes they do it as a way of communicating. They could be frustrated, excited or angry. When is he doing it? During feeding? When he is hungry? They kind of do it to explore cause and effect too.

Try and give little attention. If you give a big response, he is likely to do it more. Try and stay really calm (easier said than done when it really hurts) I used to struggle with this as it really does hurt. Tell him calmly, 'we don’t bite' and try not to give the behaviour any more attention.

I hope that helps!

Pregnant mum of 3