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Mum of 1

Has anyone been through this? I went to drop my 13 month old at nursery and the moment he saw the nursery nurse that stays with him for the day he started crying. When I first took him there he was fine but in the last few times he has been crying. Should I be worried or it is expected?

Aw it is super upsetting. You just have to remember to be positive and confident about it, even if you don't feel it. They pick up on all sorts. He'll soon learn nursery is fun and mummy always comes back. You could have a chat with his nursery key worker about it? They might be able to reassure you or suggest ways of making it easier. It took my little boy about a month to settle in so we didn't have tears at drop off. It is tough but it will pass. Look after yourself!

Mum of 1
Pregnant mum of 3

Aw, that’s quite normal behaviour. I used to work in a nursery. They often stop crying as soon as mummy has gone! He will settle in time but it is so so hard on you. It is so horrid to see them upset. If you stick to a routine at drop off to, so he knows what to expect, he will settle in time.