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Advice please. My daughter is four months old and she has become quite clingy to me and Daddy recently. She gets upset when held by someone else. It's not all the time but when she's at unfamiliar places. We went through a few weeks of grandparents being away and isolating so she didn't interact with anyone but us for couple weeks. I'm feeling pressure from people to leave my daughter with them but I don't want her to be screaming the whole time. I feel like people think I'm doing it on purpose and enjoy that she cries for other people. Help!

Your little girl is still so young, only four months. Don’t feel pressure to leave baby with anyone, do it when you are both ready. It is totally understandable for baby wanting to be with mummy and likewise for you not to want to leave baby. I still find it hard leaving my little girl and I did it for the first time when she was seven months old.

Just let her have lots of cuddles with other people when you can and she will be happy around people but honestly, no need to leave her unless you want to and feel happy to.

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My daughter did the same. She's almost seven months now and has got better but is still happiest when with me or her dad. I wouldn't worry, you're her safe place so if she wants you, then hold her! If people don't understand that then that's their problem and no one should be pressuring you to leave her with anyone. That's only a decision for you and her dad!

Last time my baby saw her Nan she screamed and cried and wouldn't go near her, but today when she was with her she was smiling and laughing. They're learning how to deal with emotions and navigating their new world so try not to worry, she will get there.