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Any mums finding that their baby doesn't want to go to anyone but you? She seems to get very anxious and cries when in someone else's arms including her grandparents'.

Hi, your little one may be experiencing a little bit of separation anxiety. This really shows that you and your baby have developed a lovely close bond! I know it is distressing to see them so upset with others. It is common and natural for them to feel like this.

You could try and do short separations, even with you there and in familiar environments. In time baby will learn that mummy will always come back. You can slowly increase the amount of time you leave baby and then once they get familiar with other people, you could try giving her to family in more unfamiliar settings.

Just take little steps and remember your baby is just showing you what a close bond you have developed!

Pregnant mum of 3

It sounds like separation anxiety. All babies go through it - I have it with my little one at the minute! Just offer encouragement that you are still there, even when they're with someone else, and that they're ok. You may have to take her back to settle her sometimes, but that's ok and it will pass.