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How do I encourage my baby to eat his solid food? He seems very resistant.

How old is your baby? It can be quite daunting having solid foods so try to go at his pace. When he's ready, I'm sure he'll go for it. If he's still young perhaps have blended food and solid food with it, and just allow him to choose what to go for. From working in childcare, we always found if babies had pressure to eat solids, they struggled in the long run and became fussy eaters. Hope that helps, good luck!


I have a few suggestions...

1. Try sitting and eating exactly the same food as they are, and over-exaggerate how good it is so they feel comfortable eating the same.

2. Put it on the plate with other bits you know they love and try to get them to have it that way.

3. Can you cut it up or present it in another way?

4. Just keep trying - I've heard it can take up to 10 attempts for a baby to actually take to certain foods!

5. Try and stay calm, if your little one is relaxed they are more likely to feel comfortable enough to eat.

I hope this helps!