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I'm going to my partner's parents' house this Saturday and my son will need his second nap while we're there. But because it isn't his cot and the rooms only have sheer curtains, he without fail will wake after 45 minutes. His second nap is almost two hours normally, so it'll completely knock the day out of sync and I'm not sure how to navigate it. Perhaps it'll have to be a four nap day even though he doesn't usually have a fourth anymore?

Hi, don't worry too much, he'll catch up on his sleep later in the day. If he's overtired he will sleep anywhere. If it needs to be a four nap day, it can be. My little one had four naps yesterday to catch up and it was fine.

Try not to plan the day too much so that if you feel you have to leave to get him to sleep, you can. You could always run him out in the car until he's asleep and then bring him back in in his car seat.

You'll be surprised how much he adapts. Good luck!