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Looking for playing tips and games! I have a six month old and have no clue what to do with him.

Hi! I've started reading and playing blocks with my son and they're around the same ago. I also have a sensory block and blow lots of bubbles.

Pregnant mum of 3

Hi, here are some ideas!

Allow lots of time for movement. You can use play gyms and play-mats. Roll balls in front of baby, put toys for them to reach and grab.

Encourage baby to grasp objects, so give baby rattles, teething toys, toys that are safe for baby to put into mouth for exploration. Hanging toys on a play gym or on a swing so they can reach out to these or kick them.

Give baby rattles and musical instruments that are safe for baby's age. Toys that make noise! Nursery rhymes too.

Encourage language by talking to baby about what you are doing. Repeat sounds that baby makes, always giving time for baby to babble back. Read stories!

Hope this helps!