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Pregnant mum

I had my baby 10 days ago. I love him so much it's overwhelming but I want to cry all the time looking at him. I worry about something happening to him and feel so sorry for him. He's so little and helpless and I find myself getting overwhelmed with worry and anxiety about it. I want to cry a lot. I feel so silly, has anyone else experienced this? Is it normal?

Hi, congratulations on your new baby. I experienced this with both of my babies. I now have a 10 week old. If you are feeling really overwhelmed and you are still under the care of your community midwives, I would speak to them and be honest about how you are feeling. They can support you through this as well as us on here.

I am currently under our local perinatal mental health tea due to anxiety and PTSD as I had a traumatic birth with my 10 week old. I am so glad I was honest about how I'm feeling. It does get easier. I am now having more up days than down.