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Did you drop your little one's formula bottles or let them lead you? I'm struggling to find a new routine and my health visitor thinks my little one should be taking less milk.

We were very much lead by our girl. She's nearly two and still on two bottles a day. We will be phasing it out, but we just upped the ounces when she was demolishing them.

Mum of 1

Hello, yes I did drop a feed. I think it was around a year I stopped the morning bottle and the afternoon bottle. So he had breakfast, lunch and dinner with a bottle at about 4am (just because that's when he woke up). I found that helped him to eat more food.

But my friend didn't stop the milk and let baby lead the way. He still has an afternoon bottle as well as before bed and morning. Plus three meals. But he's a fussy eater. He is 20 months. So I would say it's what works for you and what fits into you and baby's life.