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How do people introduce a younger sibling into an older sibling's bedroom? My son and daughter will have to share a room for a while until we get a bigger place. He is six months and she is nearly three years... when and how is best?

My two boys share a room. I put my youngest in when he was nearly two. I was worried at first but it actually helped my youngest as he always needed someone with him. I probably could've put him in there a lot earlier. They absolutely love it now and don't cry out for me in the night anymore as they know they have each other. And it is so cute listening to their chats!! Yours will love it too as they grow!

You just need to make sure it is a safe environment for your six month old. My nine month old is still in our bedroom at the minute, just because I am worried that when I put her in the nursery (right next to the boys' room) they will wake her up! But I am planning on moving her soon.

It will be really exciting for your three year old. Talk to her about how she is a special big sister, etc. You may be able to find some books about sharing a room to help her understand and process the change.

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