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Has your relationship with your husband changed having children? I think that my fairytale has turned into a nightmare. Is anyone else experiencing the same? I keep wondering whether it's my fault (hormones, stress, breatfeeding, etc.)... He is a loving father who made serious sacrifices for his children, and is helping with the chores.

Yes, it definitely changes. You get touched too much by your kids or you're busy trying to teach self-control within themselves. It gets hard at times and sometimes you get irritated but it's completely okay. We all have those moments but they will fade. Having kids means saying bye to the old you and hello to the new, more improved you. If he is understanding of that, it makes it much easier.

Mum of 2

Yes, definitely. Especially after the arrival of our first baby. Not much changed after the second because we were already used to having kids. But after our firstborn, we went through a difficult phase. It lasted about a year, the time we needed to get used to the new reality, establish a good routine and an understanding of what was going on. The first few weeks were very difficult, we used to argue about everything. I blame my hormones, and the fact that we were naive and hadn't realised what having a kid really means. My husband was also quite stressed when taking care of the baby - his crying had a huge impact on him. As a result, I had to take over more frequently. I didn't work for a year, which also caused some difficulties in our relationship. We also knew that the tiredness and the lack of intimacy and entertainment were affecting us a lot.

But it soon started getting better. The more we knew what we were doing with the baby, the more comfortable we were. We started going out, meeting other parents, watching movies etc., all the things we had stopped. And this helped a lot.

Be patient, I am sure things will begin to get better soon. Try to find some time to spend just the two of you.