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Does anyone have any tips on cutting a newborn's nails safely? I've refused to touch them so far but they are now getting too long and hard to clean. I'm scared to use clippers in case I take the nail down too low, or I take a tip of the finger off! I've tried filing but it does nothing... if anyone has any methods that worked, I'd really appreciate it.

The nails are terrifying, aren't they?! My daughter is almost a year old and I still hate doing it. When she was teeny I bought all the gadgets (files etc.) but eventually just ended up using a small pair of normal nail clippers. When she was younger I'd do them when she was asleep but now I do it after a bath at night because it softens them a little. I nipped her finger once (eek) and she didn't even react! Although I was bawling of course! It is daunting doing it, but the more you do it the more confident you'll become.

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I found baby scissors really useful for this, there's less worry you'll hurt their fingers!