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Does anyone else feel 'out of sorts' on maternity leave? I have five months left but it's going quite quickly and I just keep thinking about how I'm going to sort out which days I am going back to work and what childcare I'll get. I also feel a bit down, which might be boredom? That sounds ironic when you have a little one to look after, which I love. It's difficult to describe how I feel. Does anyone else relate to this?

I understand exactly how you're feeling! I was very similar, I think it's boredom. We're allowed to get bored, despite having the most perfect babies who we love more than anything. But us mamas are still human. Having a baby is so life changing! I feel so much better now that I'm back to work. I work weekends, and my daughter stays with my parents. It's nice to switch off your mum brain for a bit, and coming back home to them is then even nicer!

Mum of 1
Mum of 1

I felt EXACTLY the same. I live routine and not knowing what you are doing from one day to the next and having to fill days is long and boring!! I had a baby 11 months ago right in the middle of lockdowns and couldn’t really do much for six months.

I go back to work in two weeks and I’m looking forward to getting routine back and then enjoying my time with my son on my day off each week and then weekends of course! The days are bloody long!!!!!

I still have down days - I was quite bad for the first few months. But I feel a lot better now.

Maybe you're missing your old life a bit? That’s normal. It gets better, I promise. I used to hate it when people said that to me but I felt exactly like you do so I can say that it does!