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Pregnant mum

I'm very worried - my baby had his five day check today and the midwife said he's lost 7.18% of his birth weight. I am breastfeeding but it's so difficult to know if he's getting enough, or to know if he'll put the weight back on. He's feeding every three to four hours but every time I feed him he gets lazy after about 15 minutes... he makes a lot of wet and dirty nappies as well.

Babies lose up to 10% of their birth weight in the first two weeks, so don't worry! They then start to gain weight once feeding is established. Feeding every three to four hours is great. I had a lot of help from feeding specialists at the beginning with all my children. You could ask your midwife to put you in touch with yours and check your latch etc. You can also speak to Eirini, the Tinto midwife and breastfeeding specialist on here. She's amazing!

Pregnant mum of 3